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HORIZON-CL6-2023-CircBio-02-2-two-stage: Novel, sustainable and circular bio-based textiles


HORIZON-CL6-2023-CircBio-02-1-two-stage: Circular Cities and Regions Initiative (CCRI)’s circular systemic solutions.




NOOSA is a Belgian company commercializing a bio-based textile fiber made out of polylactic acid (PLA) that they recycle at 100% at the end-of-life thanks to their patented technology, to ensure circularity at system level. They are looking to scale up and demonstrate a closed loop application at European level with actors from the textile ecosystem (research centers, yarn and knit manufacturers, brands, sorters, recyclers …). Daugiau>>











Odense Fjord Collaboration

Rikke Hansen, Project Manager, Odense Fjord Collaboration -

Helle Bech Sørensen-Hylle, EU Consultant, South Denmark EU Office -



The Odense Fjord Collaboration is an association of municipal, water utility, agricultural and environmental actors. The partnership is collaborating to reach the goal of a good ecological status for Odense Fjord set by the Water Frame Directive.

Striving to obtain this goal means considering new land-use practices in the fjord catchment such as regenerative agriculture and carbon farming schemes.





HORIZON-CL6-2024-CLIMATE-01-1 - Improving irrigation practices and technologies in agriculture

Coppter Water Technologies Ltd,

Ayelet Sapir,


Coppter Water Technologies Ltd developed a low-cost safe technology for water disinfection overcoming hazards of chlorine usage. Our purification technology is based on a potent anti-microbial activity of Cu+. It is a superior solution even compared to existing technologies such as UV and Salt Chlorinators.






Wroclaw Municipality

Katarzyna Janicka-Krzemień


Wrocław is interested in joining the partnership in the field of urban agriculture, focusing in particular on assessing the potential food self-sufficiency of the city, increasing resilience in this area by developing a model of urban farm expanding the share of local production in the food system. The measures are intended to help define opportunities and threats for local agriculture, its development in the city, taking into account climate, social and economic changes, improve social capital.





CL6 2023 GOVERNANCE 01 16 and other related 2024 Call Topics


Dr. Vera Djepa



HORIZON-CL6-2023-GOVERNANCE-01-11: Reducing observation gaps in the land-sea interface area


Centre for Biorobotics at Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia.


Prof. Maarja Kruusmaa,

EE The Centre can provide sensing technologies and algorithms for sensing flow, currents and wave action in shallow water. The research group consists of 15 researchers and engineers with background in robotics, sensing technologies, hydrodynamics, modelling and field-work experience. Thy can provide facilities for laboratory trials in fluid mechanics, electronics and mechanics design and testing. The research group has experience in participating and coordinating over 15 EU research projects




Austrian NGO AGORA European Green Deal



Soil health with a focus on stakeholder engagement, outreach and dissemination, science communication and knowledge transfer.

Water Department of the Ministry of the Environment of Estonia


Katrina Lang, adviser in the Water Department, e-mail

Andro Truuverk, adviser in the budget and strategy department, e-mail:


Regarding differents projects we would be interested participating in studies concerning lake
internal loads and techical activities reducing loads, dam removal, restoration of river habitats and
spawning areas, groundwater hydrogeological research, hazardous substances, coastal water
bodies and improvement of water bodies, marine strategy, integrated approach of solving the
actions in the Baltic Sea Action plan but we would be delighted to review other offers as well

Looking for to join consortia

Institut Sophia Agrobiotech (CNRS/INRAE/ Univ Côte d'Azur),



Institut Sophia Agrobiote, chFrance is looking to join a consortium. We can provide skills and expertise in:
- Drosophila genetics, development and physiology
- Gut physiology and stem cells
- Innate immunity
- Cell and molecular biology
- Microbiology (Bacillus thuringiensis spore production)
- Biochemistry (Bt insecticidal Cry toxins' production and purification)

Any topic




This SME proposes consulting, support, laboratory tools to scientifically evaluate the impact of the fluence and follow-up tailored made strategic advice and other applications that want to address specific gaps for solution building, testing, demonstration providing sufficient, safe, nutritious, healthy and affordable food for all in a resilient food system, fighting against hazardous pesticides, antimicrobial resistance, F&V losses and waste, nitrogen & phosphorus &GHG-emissions reduction considering insect pollinators while enhancing nutrients.”


Marine Turbines,
Electromobility, Drones For Agriculture, Educational Robotics, Renewable Energies, Windmills.


Prof. Dr. William Camilo Reynoso, leader of the RESEARCH GROUP ON ENERGY EFFICIENCY

University UFHEC



Develop sustainable research in advanced technologies that allow to create business niches to produce goods and services and that positively impact higher education, increase national rates in aspects of science and technology within the scientific-technical

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Università di Bologna (UNIBO)



Visos 6 veiksmų grupės kryptys

EPFL university



Environmental Policy, Air Quality, Water Quality, Biodiversity and Agricultural Policy.

Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research


Sustainable Development Goals, Environmental Policy, Air Quality, Water Quality, Biodiversity and Agricultural Policy, Science Studies, Policy and Governance Analyses, Philosophy of Social Science, Science-Policy-Interfaces, National Sustainability Strategies.