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The Research Council of Lithuania Launches a Second Call for Proposals for World-class R&D projects in Smart Specialisation

The Research Council of Lithuania announces the call for proposals to fund projects of research groups according to the priorities of smart specialization for 2020-2023. This is the second call for proposals from EU Funds Investment Operational Program Priority 1 Measure No. 01.2.2-LMT-K-718 ‘Research Projects Implemented by World-Class Researcher Groups Aimed at Developing Results in Line with R&D Topics Relevant to the Economic Sectors which could then be Commercialised’ of 2014-2020.

Projects funded through these activities must contribute to the priorities of smart specialization and develop topics that can create a competitive advantage.

During the first Call for proposals, announced in 2017, the Council signed agreements with 47 project beneficiaries on project financing. It is expected that the results of these projects will contribute to the improvement of Lithuania's competitiveness.

The estimated budget for the second call is 12.5 million. Euros. Up to 700 000 Euros can be allocated per project. Project duration - up to 42 months.

Call for proposals.