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Support to the coherent development of research policies

Strategic objective

This action aims to enhance the effectiveness and coherence of national and European Community research policies and their articulation with other policies, improving the impact of public research and its links with industry, and strengthening public support and its leverage effect on investment by private actors.

Funded activities  

  • Strengthening and development of European science system, especially activities related to scientific guidance and experience sharing, contributing to better regulations;
  • Monitoring and analysis of research related to public policies, industries and strategies;
  • Coordination of research policies, including international policy coordination initiatives both on national and international levels


Open Calls

Currently open calls for Support for the Coherent Development of Research Policies programme can be accessed via Participant portal.



The EU Member States have earmarked a total of € 70 million for funding this theme over the duration of FP7.


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National Contact Point for “Capacities” programme in Lithuania is Aistė Vilkanauskytė (+370) 52618530, aiste.vilkanauskyte@lmt.lt.