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Research potential of Convergence Regions

Strategic objective

Stimulating the realization of the full research potential of the enlarged European Union by unlocking and developing the research potential in the EU´s ‘convergence regions’ and outermost regions, and helping to strengthen the capacities of their researchers to successfully participate in research activities at EU level.


Funded activities

  • Trans-national two-way secondments of research staff in the convergence regions;
  • The acquisition and development of research equipment in selected centres;
  • The organisation of workshops and conferences to facilitate knowledge transfer;
  • “Evaluation facilities” for research centers in the “Convergence regions” to obtain an international independent expert evaluation of their research quality and infrastructures.


Open Calls

Currently open calls for Research potential of Convergence Regions programme can be accessed via Participant Portal



The EU Member States have earmarked a total of € 340 million for funding these activities over the duration of FP7.


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National Contact Point for “Capacities” programme in Lithuania: Liuda Liudvika Kiaunienė (+370) 52107397, liudvika.kiauniene@lmt.lt.

Representatives and experts in FP7 “Capacities” committee:


Kristina Babelytė-Labanauskė

(+370) 52190119



Edgaras Leichteris

(+370) 52745420



Jurgita Stonytė

(+370) 52644714