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Research infrastructures

Strategic objective

The overall objective of the ‘Research infrastructures’ part of the FP7 Capacities programme is to optimise the use and development of the best research infrastructures existing in Europe. Furthermore, it aims to help to create new research infrastructures of pan-European interest in all fields of science and technology. The European scientific community needs these to remain at the forefront of the advancement of research, and they will help industry to strengthen its base of knowledge and technological know-how.


Funded activities

Support to existing research infrastructures

  • Integrating Activities - providing a wider and more efficient access to, and use of, the research infrastructures exiting in EU Member States, Associated Countries and at international level when appropriate (including: transnational access, joint research and networking;
  • ICT-based e-Infrastructures - supporting a number of interrelated topics designed to foster the emergence of a new research environment in which ‘virtual communities’ share and exploit the collective power of European scientific and engineering facilities.


Support to new research infrastructures

  • Design Studies – concepts for new research infrastructures with clear European dimension and interest;
  • Construction of new infrastructures:
    • Stage 1 - providing catalytic and leveraging support for the preparatory phase for the construction of new research infrastructures;
    • Stage 2 – providing support to the implementation phase involving the actual construction or deployment of the infrastructure, including all appropriate coordination activities as well as relevant technical work.


Supplementary measures

  • Policy development - supporting, in the context of building up the European Research Area and including international cooperation, the coordination of national and/or regional policies and programmes in the field of research infrastructures;
  • Programme implementation and support to emerging needs.

Activities of Research Infrastructures encompass all areas of science and technology.

European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) prepares the Roadmap to identify new Research Infrastructures of pan-European interest corresponding to the long term needs of the European research communities, covering all scientific areas, regardless of possible location.


Call for proposals

  • ‘Research Infrastructures’ work programme 2013 can be downloaded here (.PDF) 
  • Currently open calls for proposals can be found here



National Contact Point for “Capacities” programme in Lithuania: Liuda Liudvika Kiaunienė (+370) 52107397, liudvika.kiauniene@lmt.lt.

Representatives and experts in FP7 “Capacities” committee:


dr. Gintaras Valinčius

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Tadas Juknevičius

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dr. Ramūnas Valiokas

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