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Parallel Laboratories

Funded by European Regional Development Fund.

The activity is funded under Measure 01.2.2-LMT-K-718 ‘Targeted Research in Smart Specialisation Areas’. The purpose of Activity ‘Activities of Parallel Laboratories Aimed at Developing Results in Line with R&D Topics Relevant to the Economic Sectors which could then be Commercialised’ is to develop applied knowledge contributing to the implementation of R&D and innovation (smart specialization) priority "Health Technologies and Biotechnology", to encourage research and higher education institutions to carry out R&D activities with commercial potential.

The R&D activities of the Parallel Laboratories are aimed at generating results which are relevant to the economic sectors and which can then be commercialized. The parallel laboratory is understood as a cooperation between Lithuanian research groups, research and higher education institutions and structural units of university hospitals and foreign research groups and structural units of research and higher education institutions and university hospitals with exceptional competence to implement the Smart Specialization priority ‘Health technologies and Biotechnology’ topics ‘Molecular Technologies for Medicine and Biopharmacy’ and / or “Advanced Medical Engineering for Early Diagnosis and Treatment’.

The anticipated allocations for the implementation of the projects amount up to EUR 1 448 100 from the European Union structural funds (European Regional Development Funds) and it is planned to launch 1 call for proposals. The project duration must be 42 months. The maximum funding available for the project is EUR 700 000.

Eligible applicants are research and studies institutions, universities and university hospitals included in the Open Information, Counselling and Guidance System (www.aikos.smm.lt).

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