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The measure aims to foster cooperation between science and business sectors by implementing joint projects based on sustainable partnership. 

This funding tool facilitates the development of prototypes for new market products or services based on R&D results obtained by Lithuanian Research and Studies Institutions. 

The instrument fosters the involvement of PhD students and young scientists whose research topics are related to the topics of the products developed in the projects. 

Additionally, private sector investments in R&D activities are encouraged within these projects.  

Projects are encouraged to align their expected outcomes with the higher stages of the R&D activities. 

Funded activities 

R&D starting from the proving the feasibility of the concept and  

ending the project at least on the creation of a prototype (pilot version). 


Higher Education and Research Institutions in Lithuania 


SME (mandatory) 

Project duration 

Up to 16 months 


Up to 150.000 EUR 

Other relevant information 

More information

Contact person 

dr. Audrius Žvikas 

Programme Coordinator 

+370 679 56443