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Lithuania-Latvia-China (Taiwan)

Joint Lithuanian–Latvian–Chinese (Taiwanese) Tripartite Cooperation Programme in the Fields of Science and Technologies is being implemented following an international cooperation agreement between Lithuania, Latvia and the Republic of China (Taiwan). In Lithuania the Programme is administered by the Lithuanian Research Council. Funding should be planned of up to € 25 000 per year per each national research team involved in life sciences and engineering sciences project and up to € 20 000 – in humanities and social sciences (for the new projects starting from the call 2022). Funding can be used for research, mobility visits and conferences. Only those applicants who submitted a Joint Research Project Proposal Application Form in all three collaborating countries can apply for funding. Applications are peer reviewed by at least two experts per country.

The Programme has multiple objectives:

  • Initiate and support mutual research projects implemented by scholars from all participating countries
  • Develop cooperation in the area of science and technology
  • Reimburse the travel and living costs of visiting lecturers, encourage young researchers to participate in the implementation of mutual research projects
  • Financially support the organisation of mutual conferences


Contact: Kornelija Bacvinkienė, tel. (+370) 676 14 629, e. p. kornelija.bacvinkiene@lmt.lt