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Lithuania-France (Gilibert)

Lithuanian–French Programme “Gilibert” for Bilateral Cooperation in the Fields of Culture, Education, Science, Technology and Technique in order to strengthen the bonds between countries, develop and encourage cooperation as well as to actively participate in a collective European scientific research area.

The goal of the programme is to develop and encourage a bilateral cooperation in the areas of scientific research and experimental development, while actively participating in a collective European scientific research environment.

In Lithuania the programme is being implemented by Research Council of Lithuania, while Campus France Agency (which took over functions of a former programme administrator “EDIGE” in year 2012) is responsible for the implementation of the programme within France.

Both Lithuanian and French science and education institutions are eligible to submit project proposals, provided the proposal includes a partner from the other country.

Calls for project proposals are announced once every 2 years at the same time in both countries. The corresponding parts of proposals must be submitted to both Research Council of Lithuania and Campus France Agency in their respective national languages. The submissions are peer-reviewed by experts from both countries, prioritizing new proposals with new partners over proposal resubmissions.

Evaluation criteria for the project proposals are as follows:

  • Scientific quality and a nature of proposed innovation
  • Competence and ability of a temporary scientific team to implement the proposed project
  • Quality of the participating organizations’ infrastructure
  • Participation of PhD students and young scientists
  • Practical applications of the proposed project results

The funding is assigned to the projects which favorably pass all evaluation criteria, distributing the money over 2 years (a maximum project duration). At the end of each year leftover funds are taken back and can’t be transferred to a second year of the project. Funding for the second and third years is allocated depending on the implementation status and efficiency during the previous year.


Contact: Kornelija Bacvinkienė, tel. (+370) 676 14 629, e. p. kornelija.bacvinkiene@lmt.lt