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M-ERA.NET is an EU funded network which has been established to support and increase the coordination of European research programmes and related funding in materials science and engineering. Between 2016 and 2021, the M-ERA.NET consortium will continue to contribute to the restructuring of the European Research Area (ERA) by operating a single innovative and flexible network of national and regional funding organisations. it is a netowrk of  43 public funding organisations from 32 European and non-European countries

M-ERA.NET will complement existing instruments and contribute to EU policies whilst supporting the exploitation of knowledge along the whole innovation chain from basic research to applied research and innovation. By stimulating scientific excellence and the creation of a new innovation oriented economy, M-ERA.NET will deliver lasting impact and significant breakthroughs. It aims to develop a long-term cooperation between funding organisations across the EU.

Programme is intended for international consortiums consisting of no less than 3 members from at least 2 different EU countries, participating in the programme. However, third party participation is possible if at least minimal partner requirements are met.

Calls for proposals under this programme are open once a year in all participating countries at the same time. Proposals are submitted via M-ERA.NET Proposal Submission Platform and funding is assigned following national rules, in Lithuanian case – by Research Council of Lithuania.


For more information please contact dr. Saulius Marcinkonis, e.p. saulius.marcinkonis@lmt.lt