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BiodivERsA initiative is a part of the FP8 ERA-NET scheme, which aims to make a reality of the European Research Area by encouraging collaborative research projects across Europe, aiming to build a sustainable platform to support high-level biodiversity research on a transnational scale. BiodivERsA works with a network of 35 national funding agencies in 23 countries. It provides the money, focus and networking opportunities for biodiversity researchers to work efficiently on projects that help understand biodiversity dynamics, and to explore innovative solutions for the conservation, use and sustainable management of biological resources. A key objective of BiodivERsA is to foster strategic cooperation among those working in biodiversity research and related disciplines, an ambition being supported by the organisation's own funding of pan-European research projects. BiodivERsA provides funding for international consortiums consisting of at least 3 different participants who are also members of BiodivERsA network of countries. Third parties are also eligible for participation, but not for funding.

In tandem with its coordination and strategy work, BiodivERsA launches annual call for research proposals. Since 2008, BiodivERsA has launched 10 calls for transnational research projects (one is currenlty open), allowing to fund 125 scientifically excellent and societally relevant research projects for 150M€.

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