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Welfare society

The purpose of the National Research Programme 'Welfare society' is to carry out integrated scientific studies of the preconditions for a welfare society and its development in Lithuania.

The implementation of the Programme will pave the way for systemic research and the substantiation of the preconditions and possibilities for the development of the welfare society; on the other hand, new incentives are expected to appear for the further development of research by society, the building up of scientific knowledge related to the most relevant needs of society and the State. The projected outcomes of the Programme include the collection and systemisation of new empiric data and knowledge, scientific publications, the drawing-up of methodologies, scoreboards, recommendations to public authorities and other results, which will accelerate the development of a welfare society in Lithuania.

The objective of the Programme is to produce a comprehensive analysis of the preconditions, factors and trends for the development of a welfare society in Lithuania, to study the possibilities and the obstacles for its development, and to help public authorities to pass strategic decisions and recommendations for the development of a welfare society.

Three tasks are designed to meet this objective:

Task 1
Provide a scientific basis for the development of a safe, healthy and inclusive society in Lithuania by analysing the structure of the society (stratification), its values, attitudes and changes in behaviour, social, national and religious identity, emigration and re-emigration factors, social inequality and social exclusion, health, social, economic and other factors relevant to the quality of life, social investment for improving social assistance, healthcare and the health services system, the involvement of other (not only health but also law enforcement) sectors in the processes of the building of a safe and healthy society;
Task 2
Forecast and substantiate the smart growth of the country and the development of well-being by analysing political economic and social factors, factors of territorial (regional) differentiation, interactions between the welfare system and the economic development of the country by drawing up entrepreneurship and innovations ecosystem studies including proposals and recommendations for new services, the development of the market, the substantiation of creation and the implementation of social ideas in the public sector and in business, an evaluation of the performance of welfare institutions – social protection and healthcare, the labour market and housing policies, the education system, and their impact upon the development of the national economy, democracy and civic society, political priorities and the attitudes of the country's governing elite;
Task 3
Carry out research activities to substantiate good and responsible governance by analysing the country's political and governance system as a means for the development of a welfare society, abilities to implement policies, collective action problems, a European Lithuanian identity, and by drawing up proposals and recommendations regarding a responsible and open public policy, improvements in the quality of public services, the participation of citizens and society in the public governance and the strengthening of the legal system.

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