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VIII call for proposals for the implementation of research groups projects for 2019-2022

Aiming to strengthen national potential for research and experimental development and to promote high-level free research, the Research Council of Lithuania announces VIII call for proposals to carry on research on own topics implementing researcher groups projects.

Call funding

about €7.5 million

Proposal submission deadline

11/12/2018, 12 p.m. 

Project implementation

the beginning

from 01/05/2019 until 01/07/2019

the end

until 30/06/2022

(January-February not possible)

Project budget

up to €150 thousand

the budget should be planned for the entire project period and for each calendar year


1. Competition for proposals in humanities and social sciences

2. Competition for proposals in physical, biomedical, technology, and agricultural sciences

Eligible applicants

  1. The proposal must be submitted by a principal investigator together with an implementing institution:
  • the principal investigator must be a scientist;
  • one person may submit only one proposal for this call as a principal investigator or other primary project implementer;
  • one person may implement no more than three projects of national research programmes, State Programme for Lithuanian Research and Dissemination for 2016-2024 (research projects) or researcher groups projects as a primary project implementer at a time and be a principal investigator in only one of them;
  • the implementing institution must be a Lithuanian research and education institution registered within the Register of Education and Research Institutions.

Proposal submission procedures

  1. The proposal for the competition in humanities and social sciences must be submitted in the Lithuanian language, while that in physical, biomedical, technology and agricultural sciences in the Lithuanian and English languages.
  2. The proposal must be submitted by completing an online form within the electronic system http://junkis.lmt.lt. The proposal must be accompanied with:
  • the letter of the implementing institution ensuring project implementation;
  • CVs of a principal investigator and other primary project implementers including the list of their publications (if the proposal is submitted for the second competition, only in English language);
  • if the proposal is submitted together with project partners, the consent to jointly implement the proposed project if it was selected for funding, signed by the head of a project partner (if the project partner is foreign institution, the consent may be signed by its branch manager) (if the proposal is submitted for the second competition, only in English language).

Proposal evaluation procedures

  1. Taking into account the number of proposals received, several proposal groups in each competition will be formed for the expert evaluation.

General requirements for projects

  1. General requirements for projects, their implementers, partners and costs are indicated in the General Rules of the Research Council of Lithuania for the Competitive Funding of Research and Dissemination Projects and other documents published here or on the Programme's website in Lithuanian version.

VIII call for proposals for the implementation of researcher groups in Lithuanian

Contacts for detailed information:

Humanities and social sciences:

Physical, biomedical, technology and agricultural sciences: