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Lithuanian researchers will lead the joint research projects of the Baltic region

The Research Council of Lithuania has published the call for proposals for Lithuanian researchers to lead joint research projects with partners from Latvia, Estonia, Norway and (or) Iceland and (or) Liechtenstein.

The Baltic Research Programme has provided new opportunities for research collaboration in the Baltic region.  According to the programme, one call for proposals shall be opened in each of the Baltic States. The first call was opened in Estonia and received a keen interest. 130 applications were submitted in total, 107 of them had Lithuanian researchers as partners. An amount of 6 million euros was allocated for 7 projects led by Estonian researchers in which Lithuanian researchers also take part.

An amount of 10 million euros is planned to be allocated for research projects led by Lithuanian researchers. The budget for one project may reach up to 1 million euros. According to Prof. Romas Baronas, the Chairman of the Research Council of Lithuania, this is a significant incentive for researchers to gain new experience in leading a large-scale international projects, as well as to expanding the cooperation in the Baltic Region and pursuing new scientific results.

For the Lithuanian call, priority is being given to the applications addressing the challenges of the Baltic region in the following areas: Technologies and Innovation Development; Cyber Security; Preventive and Personalised Medicine; Culture, Migration and Inclusive Society; Economic, Social Challenges and Innovative Society.

The Baltic Research Programme shall strengthen research cooperation with the aim of stimulating strong and sustainable collaboration, complementarity, capacity and competence-building and provide a step for future collaborative research projects on EU and regional level. An important objective of the Programme is to present regional added value of the Baltic States, to enhance the potential of researchers through the facilitation of international cooperation, and to involve PhD students and postdocs in the projects.

The total budget for the Baltic Research Programme consist of 22 million euros. The Programme is one of the eight programmes funded from the European Economic Area (EEA) and Norway (NOR) financial mechanism 2014-2021. During this period, 117.6 million euros will be allocated to Lithuania in total from the funds of the EEA/NOR financial mechanism.

The Council is a counsellor of the Lithuanian Parliament and the Government on research and researchers training issues, implements programme based competitive funding of research, administers most important Lithuanian science development programmes, evaluates research performance and represents Lithuanian science in various European institutions and other international organisations.

Contacts for detailed information: Irmantas Pečiūra, Project manager of the project ‘Baltic Research Programme’ tel. (+370 ) 676 45756, email: irmantas.peciura@lmt.lt.