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The Third Call for Proposals for Postdoctoral Internships in Lithuania

2011-12-05 News

Research council of Lithuania is announcing the third call to submit applications for project „Implementation of Postdoctoral internships in Lithuania“ by the Means of promoting scientists‘ and other researchers‘ mobility and students‘ scientific reports (VP1-3.1-ŠMM-01), which is financed within the program „Development of Human Resources“ by Structural funds of European Union. Application submission deadline 16th of January, 2012 at 16:00.


Potential applicants must have doctorate, received in Lithuanian or foreign scientific and educational institution, and the doctorate must be received over the past 3 years. Applicants must submit their applications together with the scientific leader of postdoctoral internship.


In order to participate submit the application, which include:

  1. A part;
  2. B part;
  3. Reference from hosting institution;
  4. PhD thesis.

Application is submitted electronically by completing the questionnaire in electronic system in https://www.postdoc.lt until the 16th of January, 2012, 16:00. You are not required to present a printed copy to the council.

The reference from hosting institution, signed by the head of institution, must be prepared by the Council‘s approved form in PDF format and submitted to the Council by an electronic system.

PhD thesis must be submitted to the Council by an electronic system in PDF format.


  1. Duration of project: start – no earlier than the 1st of March, 2012, end - no later than the 28th of February, 2014.
  2. Estimated value of the project – no more than 167 833 Lt.
  3. During whole project‘s period for the salary of scientific fellow no more than 101 773 Lt can be assigned,
  4. During whole project‘s period for the scientific leader no more than 8 200 Lt, can be assigned.
  5. During whole project‘s period for scientific trips of scientific fellow no more than 42 000 Lt can be assigned.
  6. During whole project‘s period for the Hosting institution no more than 15 860 Lt can be assigned.
  7. In the part B, alongside the project‘s plan, commodities and services required for fulfilment of scientific fellowship and the funds of hosting institution, planned for the entire duration of the project and distributed by years of the fellowship, must be indicated.
  8. Scientific and educational institution or high-tech company can become the Hosting institution.
  9. Scientific fellow must work in the Hosting institution in the position of scientific fellow no less than 40 hours a week during whole period of the project.
  10. Fellow can submit only one application with chosen scientific leader.
  11. Scientific leader can submit only one calling application with chosen scientific fellow.
  12. Planning to purchase long-term property, equipment or to carry out repairs for the funds of project is prohibited, but long-term property or equipment can be leased out.
  13. Scientific fellow must publish an article, entered in the list of major journals of Institute WEB of Science (natural, technological, agricultural sciences); two publications, one of them reviewed in foreign countries, or prepare a scientific study or a monograph (humanitarian, social sciences) during the period of fellowship.
  14. Scientific fellow must get an internship in foreign science centre for no less than one month during the period of postdoctoral internship. It is requested that internships in foreign science centres would last no less than four months. Priority in the competition is provided for participants, who planned longer internships in foreign science centres.
  15. Internships in foreign science centres can be divided to parts, though one internship must last no less than 15 days.
  16. Internships planned and particular results expected must be indicated in the part „B Quality of internship“ of application.

In case of winning a competition, the travel expenses of arrival to Lithuania and leaving after the internship for foreign citizens are refunded. Money for rent are paid during the period of postdoctoral internship.


Documents related with project are published in website.

For further information please contact head of the project Julija Sabataitytė phone no. (8 5) 2619068, e-mail julija.sabataityte@lmt.lt, manager of the project Gintarė Grašytė phone no. 8 614 60810, e-mail info@postdoc.lt, for technical support for database - admin@postdoc.lt (work hours: I–IV 8.00–17.00, V 8.00–15.45, lunch break 12.00–13.00).

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