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The Government appoints Vice-Minister Justas Nugaras to the Board of the Research Council of Lithuania

*date* 2023-10-12 Category News
The Government appoints Vice-Minister Justas Nugaras to the Board of the Research Council of...

On Wednesday, the Government agreed to replace the Minister of Education, Science and Sport Gintautas Jakštas on the Board of the Research Council of Lithuania (LMT) by his Deputy Minister Justas Nugaras.

  1. Jakštas has served on the board for less than a year as vice-minister, but as a minister, he is not allowed by law to hold any other elected or appointed position.

The seven-member board also includes Eugenijus Butkus, professor emeritus at Vilnius University (VU), Paulius Subačius, professor at the Institute of Literature, Culture and Translation Studies at the VU Faculty of Philology, and Arvydas Lubys, who has been appointed as Senior Director of the Research and Experimental Development Centre at Thermo Fisher Sientific Baltics.

According to the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport, Mr Lubys has informed that he has resigned from this position as of 1st of September, but "taking into account his long experience in management and his expertise in the field of research and experimental development", the Ministry proposes to keep him on the Board.

The Board of LMT also includes Professor Antanas Čenys, Professor of the Department of Information Systems at the Faculty of Fundamental Sciences of Vilnius Gediminas University of Technology, Professor Asta Pundzienė, Professor of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Group at the Faculty of Economics and Business of Kaunas University of Technology, and Visiting Fellow at the Haas School of Business, University of California, Kaunas.

The LMT Board is made up of seven members in total. Five of them - scientists with international experience and a business representative.

In addition to the scientists, the LMT Board is composed of two members delegated by the ministries: the Deputy Minister of Economy and Innovation, Ms Eglė Markevičiūtė, and Mr J. Nugaras.

The Government appoints the LMT Board for a five-year term. The Board approves the institution's long-term strategy and strategic activity plans, the annual activity report, the chairpersons and members of the expert committees, and performs other functions.

The LMT advises the institutions, formulate science and studies policy, and provides opinions and recommendations on the formulation and implementation of policies on R&D, research-based innovation and higher education, the training of researchers. It also shapes an environment for research and experimental development, promotes the quality of R&D activities and the transfer of R&D results to society.

Author: LRT.lt News Portal