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Call in Lithuania of the Baltic Research Program: 79 applications submitted

2020-04-09 News

79 applications (the list) from 19 Lithuanian research and study institutions were submitted in total for the Baltic Research Program call announced by the Research Council of Lithuania. The partners to carry out research projects led by Lithuanian researchers are 24 institutions from Latvia, 14 from Estonia, 34 from Norway, 6 from Iceland, and 1 from Liechtenstein.

The applicants applied for the funds of almost 75M EUR. The average value of one project is 0.95M EUR.

Eligible proposals will be assessed by the evaluation panels composed of international experts. It is expected the Program Committee to approve the projects for financing in the autumn of this year. The projects are planned to start in January 2021.

The Baltic Research Programme shall strengthen research cooperation with the aim of stimulating strong and sustainable collaboration, complementarity, capacity and competence-building and provide a step for future collaborative research projects on EU and regional level. An important objective of the Programme is to present regional added value of the Baltic States, to enhance the potential of researchers through the facilitation of international cooperation, and to involve PhD students and postdocs in the projects.