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Call for applications for Students' Research Practice in Lithuania in Summer 2012

2012-06-12 News

Lithuanian Research Council is launching a call for foreign students to apply for Students’ research practice, held in summer 2012. Application submission deadline is 12:00, June 18, 2012.


Students’ research practice

The scholarship of LTL 2080 (not taxed with residents’ income tax) is allocated to the students for the entire period of 2 months (9 weeks) of the research practice.

Students, coming from other countries are additionally provided with the support for full or partial compensation of accommodation and travel expenses.

Total number of research practice places allocated for foreign higher education students is 10.

Potential applicants

The call is for applications from Bachelor and Master Degree students from the European Union Member States, who wish to pursue summer scientific research in Lithuania. The project is also open for Lithuanian students, residing and studying outside the European Union.

The practice is open to students, whose average score for the courses from the last two semesters is equal to, or greater than 8 in Lithuanian grading system (or equivalent).

Application procedure

Students are invited to submit written applications – completed Student information and Student application forms in MS Word format to smpraktika@lmt.lt by 12:00, June 18, 2012.

One student can send application for one or two places of research practice; he/she must fill separate application forms for each place.

Applications will be forwarded to research practice supervisors and they will select students for the practice. The deadline for supervisors to make selection is 16:00, June 21th, 2012.

Before completing application forms we recommend to review the requirements for students’ research practice.

Proposed practice themes are divided into groups according to areas of science:

  • Humanities, Social sciences and Arts
  • Physical sciences, Biomedicine, Agriculture, and Technologies

More information and required application forms could be found at: http://lmt.lt/en/students-practice.html

Additional information

“Promotion of Students’ Scientific Activities” is a project, sponsored by the European Union Structural Funds and aimed at encouragement of young people’s interest in science and technologies, showing the attractiveness of the occupation of scientists and researchers as well as increase of students’ mobility both on the national and international level. The project is implemented by the Research Council of Lithuania and is a part of “The Researchers Career Programme (2007-2013)”, initiated by the Ministry of Education and Science.

For more information please contact Austė Valinčiūtė, phone (+370) 614 04406, e-mail: smpraktika@lmt.lt.