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2.9 Eur million in support for Ukrainian scientists and collaborative research

*date* 2023-06-05 Category News
2.9 Eur million in support for Ukrainian scientists and collaborative research

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the Research Council of Lithuania (RCL) has already provided almost 2.9 Eur million for the recruitment of scientists from Ukraine (1.8 million Eur) and for the funding of collaborative research projects (1.1 million Eur). Currently, 44 Ukrainian scientists are working in various research and study institutions in Lithuania, up from 71 last year. RCL, as a member of the association "Science Europe", continues to encourage Lithuanian scientists to maintain contacts with partners in Ukraine, to provide support for joint research projects, and to seek other ways and means of assistance.

In order to provide assistance to the Ukrainian scientific community, RCL implements 2 measures – "Support for Recruitment of Ukrainian Researchers" and "Lithuania-Ukraine Cooperation Programme", which are intended to finance joint research projects and scientific activities of Ukrainian researchers in Lithuanian research and study institutions.

"Supporting the Recruitment of Ukrainian Researchers" is a new programme launched last year for the recruitment of Ukrainian researchers in Lithuania. In 2022, RCL met the needs of all incoming Ukrainian researchers and provided 0.835 million Eur for their recruitment. The researchers were mostly recruited for junior researcher or researcher positions in Lithuanian universities, science centres and institutes, where they were conducting research at a high national or international level.

In 2023, 1.2 million Eur is earmarked for recruiting researchers. RCL is ready to meet the needs of all Ukrainian scientists wishing to work in Lithuania again this year. Applications for this measure are continuously submitted and this year 0.9 million Eur has already been allocated for the recruitment of 44 Ukrainian researchers.

The RCL allocated an additional 2 million Eur to the "Lithuania-Ukraine Cooperation Programme" after the outbreak of war. A total of around 2.3 million Eur is foreseen for this programme for 2022–2025. 

Since the beginning of the war, the RCL has unanimously supported Ukraine and called for peace and respect for international and human rights law. The European and international research community must continue to work together to do everything possible to support Ukrainian researchers and bring an early end to this brutal war.


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