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11 Baltic research projects led by Lithuanian scientists receive more than 10 million euros

*date* 2020-10-14 Category News

Projects led by Lithuanian scientists have been selected for funding under the Baltic Research Programme call for proposals. More than 10 million euros will be allocated to these projects. 11 out of 79 proposals submitted by Lithuanian researchers’ teams, together with partners from Latvia, Estonia, Norway, and Liechtenstein, will implement projects and carry out region-relevant scientific work on a 36 month time period.

The total budget of the call for proposals announced by the Research Council of Lithuania is 10.6 million euros; the smallest amount of the grant requested was 0.75 million euros whilst the biggest - 1 million euros. On average, a grant requested was 0.94 million euros. Applications were evaluated by international experts, the best-evaluated projects corresponding to the objectives of the Baltic Research Programme were selected and suggested for funding by the Programme Committee.

The call for proposals set 5 priority areas with at least one project being funded in each of them: Technologies and Innovation Development – 4 projects; Preventive and Personalised Medicine – 2 projects; Culture, Migration and Inclusive Society – 2 projects; Economic, Social Challenges and Innovative Society – 2 projects; and Cyber Security – 1 project.

The projects address various challenges in the Baltic region. They involve pancreatic cancer research and the development of new treatment methods, the production of new wheat breads adapted to climate change, and looking at methods for improving cyber security competencies. It is planned to research retrospectively economic integration opportunities for the Nordic and Baltic regions through labour movement, technology transfer, direct foreign investment and capital movement, and international trade. The results obtained should help to better understand the business and political cooperation potential of Nordic and Baltic countries, analyse how vocational training and teaching might improve social inclusion of risk groups of youth, addressing school drop-out problems, and perform other research.

The largest number of projects – three – will be led by researcher teams from the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences. Vilnius University, Vytautas Magnus University, and Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, each will carry out two projects led by their researchers. Kaunas University of Technology and the Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry will each implement a project.

The biggest number of joint projects will be carried out with these partner institutions - the University of Tartu, Tallinn University of Technology, the University of Latvia, Riga Technical University, and the University of Oslo.

The results of the call for proposals.

The programme is one of eight programmes funded from the European Economic Area (EEA) and Norway (NOR) financial mechanism 2014-2021. During this period, 117.6 million euros will be allocated to Lithuania in total from the funds of the EEA/NOR financial mechanism. The funds will be dedicated for the implementation of the following programmes: Business Development, Innovations and SMEs; Research; Social Dialogue – Decent Work; Health; Culture; Civil Society; Environment, Energy, Climate Change; and Justice and Home Affairs.

The Research Council of Lithuania is a counsellor of the Lithuanian Parliament (Seimas) and the Government on research and researchers training issues, implements programme based competitive funding of research, administers most important Lithuanian science development programmes, evaluates research performance and represents Lithuanian science in various European institutions and other international organisations.

Contacts for detailed information: Aušra Vilutienė, Project manager of the project ‘Baltic Research Programme’, tel. (+370) 676 16715, email: ausra.vilutiene@lmt.lt