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Task 2

The second task of National Research Programme „Modernity in Lithuania“ – Examine the social, economic and political modernisation conditions, and the impact upon the public and cultural development; carry out historical and comparative research of political and national community, disclose the forms and the dissemination of the modern political ideas and structures, political and civil culture.

Three measures have been envisaged with respect to the second task under the Programme:

Measure 1 – examine the processes of urbanisation and industrialisation, changes in the relations between urban and rural areas, appearance of new forms of economic activities, institutions and factors, their impact upon society and culture, study the capitalist and socialist economies; social mobility and migration of residents, demographic changes, family and gender relations.

Measure 2 – study the development of conventional communities, social groups, collective and individual identity, formation of modern social relations, and their development in view of an emergence of a pluralistic structure of the modern society; examine the impact of human rights and freedoms, as well as personal dignity upon self-understanding and status of a personality. 

Measure 3 – study the methods and forms for the organisation of the society in Lithuania and the diaspora; study the characteristics of the formation of political and civil culture, relations between the civic society and political powers, formation and development in Lithuania of the national idea, modern nations and national identity, ethnic processes and inter-ethnic relations; examine the conditions for the formation of a modern state, appearance and the development of political ideas and ideologies of modernity; formation and development of public institutions, forms of modern democracy, study the peculiarities of the Soviet totalitarianism and the methods of resistance to it.