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Conference dedicated to the Centenary of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Finland will be held in Vilnius on 17–19 October

The Institute of Lithuanian Literature and Folklore organises the international conference ‘History, Memory, and Archives: Sensitive Issues’. It is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Finland. The conference will take place at the Institute (Antakalnio str. 6, Vilnius) on 17–19 October.

There will be 40 speakers from 14 countries at the conference. The conference will discuss a wide range of topics, including the following:

  • Archives and the nation building: historical and contemporary perspectives
  • Archival policies during different periods: inclusion and exclusion/censorship
  • Remembering, documenting and archiving of sensitive materials: case studies
  • Social, ethnical and gender representation in creation and maintaining of the archives
  • Archives and the memory making: ego documentary as core of the contemporary collections
  • Folklore, folklorism and the challenges of archiving the living tradition
  • Archives and information society: new possibilities in the digital era
  • Archives as link with the past and bridge to the future

According to organisers, creation of the national state is hardly imaginable without striking its roots in history and defining the grounds on which the future state is to be constructed. Thus, establishing of the tradition archives had a significant impact in consolidating national communities and shaping their values, even becoming means by which identity of a national community was formed. The tradition archives still play an important role in safeguarding the collectables and making them available to the society, and as knowledge hubs shaping people’s understanding of themselves. However, there are hosts of sensitive issues related to the functioning of the archives, from policies of the archive making to representation and research of the materials. The 100th anniversary of the independent states of the Baltic region is a good opportunity to survey how the national history is reflected in the archives and how the archives influence and sustain creation of national, social and individual identities.

The conference is held in cooperation with the SIEF Working group on Archives and the Network of Nordic-Baltic Tradition Archives.

The event is funded by the Research Council of Lithuania.

Programme of the conference.

Poster of the conference.