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Researcher teams’ projects

Since 2010 Research Council of Lithuania regularly announces calls for proposals to implement Researcher teams’ projects. This competitive research funding measure has the highest number of projects funded and is the second largest RCL‘s measure by allocated financial resources. The bottom-up nature of this measure ensures that the most creative, innovative and ambitious research ideas of researcher teams’ in all scientific areas will be funded.

Calls for proposals to implement Researcher teams’ projects often target various issues – they are aimed to support technological or cultural development, to promote international cooperation, interdisciplinary research or to encourage engagement of young researchers.

The 7th call for proposals covers all scientific areas and comprises 6 competitions, which in addition to ensuring scientific excellence for the first time address two horizontal issues – engagement of young researchers and the promotion of international cooperation:

Projects in the area of humanities and social sciences

Competition 1. Projects led by experienced scientists

Competition 2. Young scientists' projects

Competition 3. Projects implemented in cooperation with foreign partners

Projects in the area of physical, biomedical, technology, and agricultural sciences

Competition 4. Projects led by experienced scientists

Competition 5. Young scientists' projects

Competition 6. Projects implemented in cooperation with foreign partners

In order to further ensure scientific excellence in addition to general requirements, specific requirements were introduced in this call for project leaders, such as quantity and quality of scientific or technological production and experience in managing international research project.

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Further information is provided by chief officers:

Humanities and social sciences:   

Inga Grigaliūnienė tel. +370 676 18660
e-mail inga.grigaliuniene@lmt.lt
(Gedimino av. 3, room 111)
Raimonda Rainytė tel. +370 676 17926
e-mail raimonda.rainyte@lmt.lt
(Gedimino av. 3, room 108)

Physical, biomedical, technology, and agricultural sciences:

Loreta Kielaitienė tel. +370 676 18640
e-mail loreta.kielaitiene@lmt.lt
(Gedimino av. 3, room 111)
Audronė Mažulytė tel. +370 676 17658
e-mail audrone.mazulyte@lmt.lt
(Gedimino av. 3, room 110)
dr. Julija Sabataitytė tel. +370 676 18678
e-mail julija.sabataityte@lmt.lt
(Gedimino av. 3, room 110)
Jolanta Paunksnienė tel. +370 676 18422
e-mail jolanta.paunksniene@lmt.lt
(Gedimino av. 3, room 124)
Aušra Ašmontaitė

tel. +370 676 18592
e-mail ausra.asmontaite@lmt.lt 
(Gedimino av. 3, room 124)