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Lithuania participation

Each year Lithuanian institutions join 18 COST Actions per average. 12 Lithuanian science and education institutions joined 25 COST Actions in a year 2012 (Figure 1), nominating 31 representative (including Action TA1201).

Figure 1: Lithuanian institutions participation in COST actions (years 2000–2012)

In year 2013 Lithuanian science and education institutions were most active in the areas of “Food and Agriculture”, “Materials, Physics and Nanosciences” and “Forests, their products and services”, while the least representatives participated in “Transport and Urban Development” area (Figure 2). These indicators pertain to the relevance of the Actions to the scientists as well as activity and ability of the institutions themselves to connect with international scientific community.

Figure 2: Lithuanian institutions participation in COST Actions by COST science areas (year 2013)



Food and Agriculture


Materials, Physics and Nanosciences


Forests, their Products and Services


Chemistry and Molecular Sciences and Technologies


Transport and Urban Development


Earth System Science and Environmental Management


Individuals, Societies, Cultures and Health


Information and Communication Technologies


Biomedicine and Molecular Biosciences


Trans-Domain proposals


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