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prof. habil. dr. Ričardas Rotomskis

Vice-Chairman of the Research Council of Lithuania and Chairman of the Committee of Natural and Technical Sciences since 2018

Graduated from Vilnius University Faculty of Physics in 1976, conducted research. Successfully defended a candidate of biophysical sciences dissertation in Moscow State University in 1984. Successfully defended his doctoral dissertation (habilitation) in applied physics in Vilnius University in 1998. In 1998, obtained the title of docent, in 2000 was granted the title of professor.

1976-1979, Chief Laboratory Technician at Department of Solid State Electronics of Vilnius State University Faculty of Physics. 1979-1981, Chief Engineer at the aforementioned department. 1982-1984, Junior Research Fellow at Department of Quantum Electronics of Vilnius State University Faculty of Physics. 1985-1993, Research Fellow at the aforementioned department. 1993–1998, Docent and Research Fellow. 1999-2010, Professor, Senior Research Fellow. 2004–2008, Head of Laboratory of Biomedical Physics at Institute of Oncology (currently National Cancer Institute), Vilnius University. 2008–2010, Vice-Director for Research & Development at the aforementioned institute. 2010, Vice-Director for Strategy & Development. Since 2011, Professor at Department of Quantum Electronics (currently Laser Research Centre) of Vilnius University Faculty of Physics, Head and Senior Research Fellow of Laboratory of Biomedical Physics at Institute of Oncology (since 2014, National Cancer Institute), Vilnius University.

Scientific interests: biophysics, medical physics, biophotonics, nanobiotechnology, nanomedicine, photobiology, biophysical aspects of the physical and ecological environment, laser spectroscopy of biologically active pigments and complex pigment protein complexes, excitation energy transport and photoprocesses in biologically active molecule photochemical and photophysical processes, photosensitisation processes, photostability, laser application in biology and medicine.

Received training and was employed at Leiden University (Netherlands, 1988–1989), North-East Wales Institute (Great Britain, 1993), University of Padua and University of Milan (Italy, 1995), and Aalen University (Germany, 1996). Visiting Professor (work with the European Commission Leonardo da Vinci programme projects 2004-2007) at University of Munich (Munich, Germany), University of Jena (Jena, Germany), Ulm University of Medicine (Ulm, Germany), Linkoping University of Technology (Linkoping, Sweden), University of Latvia (Riga, Latvia), Wroclaw Academy of Medicine (Wroclaw, Poland), Kotvijk and Gent (Belgium) University Colleges of Medicine. 2009–2013 Coordinating Group Member of the European project EuroNanoMedNet; workshops in Paris (France), Brussels (Belgium), Padua (Italy), Riga (Latvia), Israel (Jerusalem).

Representative of the Ministry of Education and Science in the European Nanomedicine Technology Platform (expert work while preparing the European Nanomedicine Platform documents and recommendations in the European Platform Nanomedicine assembly in Padua (Italy) in 2006, Chalkidiki (Greece) in 2007, Warsaw (Poland) in 2008, Munster (Germany) in 2009, Milan (Italy) in 2010, Barcelona (Spain) in 2011, Basel (Switzerland) in 2012, San-Sebastian (Spain) in 2014, Heraklion (Greece) in 2016, and Malaga (Spain) in 2017.

2007-2012, Council Member at Vilnius University Institute of Oncology. 2012–2014 Chairman of the aforementioned council. Since 2014, Council Vice-Chairman of National Cancer Institute. 2013-2015, Member of Natural, Physical and Technical Sciences Section of Committee for Granting the Lithuanian Science Awards. Since 2016, Chairman of the aforementioned committee. Since 2015, Council Member of Kaunas University of Technology Faculty of Biomedical Engineering.