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dr. Justina Poškienė

Vice-Chairwoman of the Research Council of Lithuania and Chairwoman of the Committee on Humanities and Social Sciences since 2018

1989-1995 studied at Vilnius University Faculty of History and completed Bachelor's and Master's studies in History. In 1996-2002, studied at Vilnius University doctorate programme and defended her doctoral dissertation on the subject ‘Trakai castles and city ceramics from 14th until the first half of the 16th century’. While writing the dissertation, participated in trainings at Lund University Institute of Archaeology and University of Warsaw Institute of Archaeology.

Currently holds the position of Senior Lecturer at Vilnius University Faculty of History Department of Archaeology.

Scientific interests: archaeology of historical times, archaeological ceramics, archaeological heritage protection, heritage management issues.

Obtained administrative work experience working as an assistant in programmes of Heritage Protection Centre under Vilnius University Faculty of History (1995-1996) and as a coordinator in programmes of the National Commission for UNESCO (1997) and Cultural Heritage Academy (1998-2003). In between 2003-2013, worked at the Department of Science and Development at Vilnius University Faculty of History. In 2010-2012, leaded the project ‘Updating the First Stage Study Programmes (Archaeology, History, Cultural History and Anthropology) at Vilnius University Faculty of History’ (project supported by EU Structural Funds). In 2013-2016, headed the Department of History of the European Humanities University. In 2016-2018 worked as deputy director of the State Kernavė Cultural Reservation for museum and scientific activities.

The expert experience was accrued by participating in expert working groups and councils formed by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania, the Department of Cultural Heritage, the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Lithuania, the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education, and in working groups formed by the President of the Republic of Lithuania Valdas Adamkus (in 2006 ‘Working Group for Proposals on Humanitarian and Social Sciences and Studies Missions, Criteria for the Assessment of Scientific Activity and the Principles of the Management of these Sciences’) and the President of the Republic of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaitė (in 2010 ‘Working Group for Proposals on Provision of Lithuanian Culture Policy’) on scientific and cultural policy issues.

J. Poškienė is a member of Lithuanian Archaeological Society. In 2017, the Lithuanian Archaeological Society submitted her candidacy to the Council of Higher Education, where she was designated as a member for a four-year term.