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prof. dr. Julius Žilinskas

Member at the Committee of Natural and Technical Sciences of the Research Council of Lithuanian since 2021.

He is a doctor of informatics engineering, chief researcher of the VU Institute of Data Science and Digital Technologies, Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics (VU MI).

He graduated with honours from Kaunas University of Technology, Faculty of Informatics; in 2002, obtained a doctorate in computer engineering, worked as a laboratory assistant, lecturer and an associate professor (1998). He conducted ‘Royal Society’ and NATO post-doctoral research at the University College London (UK, 2003–2004). Works as a researcher, senior researcher and chief researcher at the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics (now - the Institute of Data Science and Digital Technologies, Faculty of VU MI) (since 2004). He completed the habilitation procedure (2007), held the position of professor at VU (2012, 2016–2017) and Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (2007–2013), where he obtained the title of professor (2012).

Scientific interests: global optimisation, parallel computing, data analysis and visualisation.

He has written and the publishing house ‘Springer’ has published monographs in English ‘Multidimensional Data Visualisation: Methods and Applications’ (with G. Dzemyda and O. Kurasova, 2013), ‘Simplex Global Optimisation’ (with R. Paulavičius, 2014), ‘Unmatched Multicriteria Optimisation’ (with P. M. Pardalos and A. Žilinskas, 2017).

Member of the editorial boards of the following international scientific journals: ‘Computational Management Science’, ‘Computer Science’, ‘Informatica’, ‘Information Technology and Control’, ‘Journal of Global Optimisation’, ‘Mathematical Methods of Operations Research’, ‘Mathematical Modelling and Analysis’, ‘Open Computer Science’, ‘Open Engineering’, ‘Optimisation Letters’, ‘Operations Research Forum’.

He is a vice president of the International Society of Global Optimisation, member of the board of the Lithuanian Operational Research Society, chairman of the working group on Optimisation Methods and their Application.

He is a member of the Senate of Vilnius University, member of the VU Council of the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, chairman of the VU Committee for Doctoral Studies in Informatics Engineering.

In 2015, he was awarded the Lithuanian Science Prize for the cycle of works ‘Development, Parallelisation and Application of Global Optimisation Algorithms (2000–2014)’.