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International Programmes Unit

Jūratė Devižienė
Head of the Unit
Office No. 162
Asta Aleksandravičienė
Programme Coordinator
+370 676 18297
Office No. 163
Kornelija Janavičiūtė
Programme Coordinator
+370 676 14629
Office No. 151
Administrator of Lithuanian–Latvian–Chinese (Taiwan), Lithuanian–French and NORFACE, JPI „Cultural Heritage“ programme, Euraxess and Science Europe activities
dr. Saulius Marcinkonis
acting Head of the Unit
+370 676 17256
Office No. 151
H2020 European Research Council, Health, demographic change and wellbeing, Food security, sustainable agriculture and the bioeconomy NCP, administrator of Lithuanian–Ukrainian, M-ERA.NET and FLAG-ERA programmes
dr. Viktoras Mongirdas
Chief Officer
+370 676 19613
Office No. 152
H2020 Research Infrastructures, Space, Climate action, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials NCP, administrator of Lthuanian–Belarusian, BiodivERsA3 and SumForest programmes
dr. Živilė Ruželė
Chief Officer
+370 676 14383
Office No. 152
H2020 Spreading excellence and widening participation NCP, administrator of Lithuanian–Japanese projects, BONUS, ENSUF and ESA programmes