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dr. Mikas Vaicekauskas

Member at the Committee of Humanities and Social Sciences of the Research Council of Lithuania since 2015

1989-1994, studied the Lithuanian language and literature at Vilnius University. In 2002, Mikas Vaicekauskas successfully defended the dissertation ‘Lithuanian Catholic Hymns of the 16-18 Centuries’ and obtained a doctorate degree in Humanities. In 1993, became Senior Technician at the Department of Early Literature of the Institute of Lithuanian Literature and Folklore (LLTI). Since 1995, Assistant at the aforementioned department LLTI (from 2002, Junior Research Fellow); since 2002, Research Fellow. Since 2004, LLTI interim Head of the Department of Textology.

Research field: 18-19th century Lithuanian literature history, textology, history of the book, bibliography. Main sub-fields: textology research and editing of Kristijonas Donelaitis and Motiejus Valančius literary heritage

In 1995, received training at University of Warsaw; in 1998, at the University of Copenhagen.

Since 1994, was Proof-reader and Editor at the Naujasis Zidinys-Aidai magazine on religion, culture and society; since 2007, Editor-in-chief. 1999-2016, Editor at the book review magazine Knygų Aidai; since 2010 Editor-in-chief. Since 2005 Member of the Editorial Board at the scientific journal Early Lithuanian Literature (Lith. Senoji Lietuvos literatūra). Since 2006, Member of the Editorial Board at the scientific journal Colloquia. Since 2007, Member of the Editorial Board and Editor-in-chief for the Studies of Lithuanian Textology (Lith. Lietuvių tekstologijos studijos) series. Since 2009, Member of the Editorial Board for Rastai by Liudvikas Gediminas Rėza.

2007-2008, Member of the sub-group for language and literature of the working group for the development of the Kristijonas Donelaitis 300th anniversary of the birth State commemoration script. 2007-2010, Member of LLTI Competition and Attestation Commission. In 2008, Member of the Expert Commission for the Book of the Year 2008 competition, organised by the Lithuanian Radio and Television, the Ministry of Culture and the Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania.

2010-2015, LLTI Member of the Science Council. Since 2011, Member of the commission at the Ministry of Education and Science for the programme of internationality promotion 2011–2012 (2013–2016) in Higher Education and for the evaluation of cooperation projects between foreign Lithuanistic (Baltistic) centres and Lithuanian education institutions. 2011-2016, Member of the commission for the nurturing of Lithuanian traditions and heritage. Since 2011 Editor-in-chief at the scientific journal, the Lithuanian Catholic Academy of Science Yearbook (Lith. Lietuvių katalikų mokslo akademijos metraštis). Since 2014, Social Partner of the Department of History Theory and Culture History at Vilnius University Faculty of History.

Since 2009, Member of Lithuanian Catholic Academy of Science (LKMA). 2007-2012 and since 2017, Member of the European Society for Textual Scholarship (ESTS).