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dr. (HP) Romas Baronas

Chairman of the Research Council of Lithuania since 20 November 2019

Doctor of Sciences in Informatics, Professor at Vilnius University, laureate of the Lithuanian Science Prize

Graduated from Vilnius University in 1982 and acquired the qualification in applied mathematics. Received the Doctorate Degree in Physical Sciences, field of Computer Science, in 2000 with a dissertation ‘Computer Simulation of Diffusion Processes in Nonhomogeneous Media’. Went through the habilitation procedure (HP) in Physical Sciences, field of Computer Science, in 2005.   

1982-1985, Assistant at Department of Computer Science of Vilnius University Faculty of Mathematics, 1988-1999, Chief Assistant at the aforementioned department, 1985-1988, Aspirant at the Institute of Theoretical Astronomy of the Academy of Science of the Soviet Union (currently St. Petersburg). 2002-2005, Docent, 2005-2017, Professor, 2006-2017, Head of the Department at Department of Software Engineering of Vilnius University Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, 2014-2018, Deputy Chairman of the Senate of Vilnius University. 2018-2019, Director and Professor at the Institute of Computer Science of the Vilnius University Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science.

Main fields of scientific interest: computer simulation, analysis and optimisation of nonlinear processes.

Carried out eight international and national scientific research projects and was a principal investigator in two of them. Supervised the preparation of seven successfully defended dissertations and one post-doctorate traineeship.

Former Expert Member at Research Council of Lithuania, Lithuanian Business Support Agency, Agency for International Science and Technological Development Programmes, Commission of Lithuanian Science Prize,  Slovak Research and Development Agency and many other institutions. Editorial Board Member of the following international scientific journals: since 2003, ‘Nonlinear Analysis: Modelling and Control’ (since 2011, Deputy Chief Editor), since 2008, ‘International Journal of Artificial Intelligence’, since 2013, ‘Baltic Journal of Modern Computing’, since 2015, ‘Informatica’.

Published monograph, which, in 2012, was translated into Arabic: Baronas, R., Ivanauskas, F., Kulys, J. Mathematical Modeling of Biosensors: An Introduction for Chemists and Mathematicians, 2010, Springer: Dordrecht, pp. 334.

Published 54 scientific publications (in journals with an impact factor, h=12). Prepared educational books: 2002, ‘Database Systems’ and 2005, ‘Database Management Systems’. 

One of the initiators of the Researcher Fund of the World Kybartian Fellowship, encouraging the interest of the pupils of Kybartai Gymnasium and Progymnasium in research.

  • 2012, Lithuanian Science Prize (together with prof. F. Ivanauskas)
  • 2004, 2010, 2014 Vilnius University Rector‘s Science Award