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prof. Rimantas Rudzkis

Board Member of the Research Council of Lithuania since 2017

Associate Professor of Vilnius University.

In 1973, graduated from Kaunas Polytechnic Institute as a Computer Technology Specialist. In 1978 successfully defended a candidate of physico-mathematical sciences doctoral dissertation, in 1993 – a mathematical sciences doctoral dissertation (habilitation). In 1996, was granted the name of Professor. In 1980, continued the scientific career at the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, since 2018 – at Vilnius University, Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics. At various periods of time, alongside the main activities in academia, prof. R. Rudzkis worked on secondment as Head of Econometric Research at the Lithuanian Department of Statistics under the LR government (1995-1998), Head of Modelling at the Lithuanian Bank Department of Monetary Policy (1998-2000), Senior Analyst at Vilnius Bank (currently – SEB) (2000-2003) and at DnB NORD bank (2004-2011).

Research interests and work encompasses the following fields: probability analysis of random values and processes with large margin of error, statistical spectre evaluation of dispersion and stationary processes, classification, econometrics research, mathematic and statistic method application, macroeconomic analysis.

Active participant in organisations and committees. 1994-2004, Expert Member at the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences. 1996-2000 – Member at the European Regional Committee of the Bernouli Society. 1998-2002 – Chairman at the Lithuanian Statistician Association, Member at the editorial boards for the following journals: Lietuvos matematikos rinkinys, Lietuvos statistikos darbai, Monetary Studies, Prikladnaja ekonometrika.

2003-2006 and 2013-2016 – LR government consultant on economics and statistics.