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prof. Jūras Banys

Board Member of the Research Council of Lithuania since 2018

Habilitated doctor of physical sciences, professor.

In 1985, graduated with honours from Vilnius University Faculty of Physics. In 1990 defended his doctoral dissertation in that same Vilnius University and in 2000 received his habilitated doctor degree and docent’s academic rank. In 2003, again in Vilnius University, he was awarded a professor’s title.

Main research fields: grating dynamics, ferroelectricity, structural phase transitions, dipolar glasses, relaxer, dielectric spectroscopy, multiferroics, composites, and EPR.

1989–1990 worked in Oxford University in Great Britain, having received Soros grant.

1993–1995 worked in Leipzig University in Germany, having received A. Humboldt scholarship.

2000 laureate of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences Povilas Brazdžiūnas Award.

2002 laureate of the Lithuanian Science Award.

Produced over 400 scientific papers with most of them being published in international scientific magazines. Participated in international scientific conferences in Germany, Russia, Great Britain, Italy, Latvia, Czech Republic, Poland, France, USA, and elsewhere (over 300 presentations, 26 of which being given upon special invitations).

Work experience:

  • 1990–1996 scientist in Vilnius University Faculty of Physics, Radio Physics Department;
  • 1996–2003 senior scientist in this same department;
  • 2003–2007 head scientist;
  • Since 2003 Professor in Faculty of Physics, Radio Physics Department;
  • 2003–2007 Dean of Vilnius University Faculty of Physics;
  • 2007–2012 Pro-Rector for Scientific Affairs of Vilnius University;
  • 2012–2015 Rector of Vilnius University;
  • 2015 Head of Radio Physics Department;
  • 2015–2018 Vice-Chairman of the Research Council of Lithuania, Chairman of the Committee of Natural and Technical Sciences;
  • Since 2018 President of the Lithuanian Academy of Science.


  • Real Member of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences.
  • Foreign Member of the Latvian Academy of Sciences.
  • Corresponding Member of the Saxon Academy of Sciences (Germany).
  • Board Member of the Lithuanian Physical Society.
  • Editorial Committee Member of the Lithuanian Journal of Physics.
  • Member of the European Polar Dielectrics Application Committee.
  • Member of the European Ferroelectricity Committee.
  • Member of the European Electroceramics Committee.
  • Member of Global Ferroelectricity Committee.
  • Member of the AMPERO Group Committee.
  • Member of the IEEE FerroCom.