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About the Research Council

Research Council of Lithuania (RCL) is a science and studies policy implementing institution, which performs an expert and advisory function to the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania and to the Government in matters of studies and experimental development.

RCL's mission – is to actively participate in the formulation of research, experimental development and innovation policy and to strive to make Lithuania's system of research, experimental development and innovation effective and in line with the expectations of Lithuanian society and global challenges, by applying organisational and financial instruments for competitive funding of scientific research.

The overarching goal of the RCL is to increase the value, efficiency and impact of science. This is achieved by developing activities along the following main axes:

  • to make science funding more efficient,
  • develop Lithuania's scientific community,
  • implementing the principles of open science.

As part of Lithuania's science policy, RCL:

  • perform an expert function,
  • conducting scientific performance evaluations,
  • administers the most important programmes for the development of Lithuanian science,
  • represents Lithuania's interests in science and experimental development issues in working groups of the European Union member states and in many international organisations,
  • implements competitive funding for science programmes.

The activities and structure of the RCL are set out in Lithuanian Law on Science and Studies. The statutes of are approved by the Government and the rights and obligations of its owner are exercised by the Government. The LMT is accountable to the Government.

The RCL is composed of a Board, a Chairperson, a Vice-Chairperson, three Expert Committees the Expert Committee on Humanities and Social Sciences, the Expert Committee on Natural and Technical Sciences, the Expert Committee on Science and Studies Policy (under formation) and an Administration.

Organisational Evaluation of the Research Council of Lithuania
(Released in year 2014)
Research Council of Lithuania: 2011-2012. Start of the new decade
Roadmap for Research Infrastructures of Lithuania, 2015
Research Council of Lithuania rules of procedure
Research Council of Lithuania regulations

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