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prof. Dainius Haroldas Pauža

Dainius H. Pauza was born on 8 July 1962 in Kaunas, Lithuania. D. H. Pauža graduated Vilnius University in 1985 and obtained specialty of biologist. In 1992 he obtained the doctor degree in Kaunas University of Medicine (currently – Lithuanian University of Heal Sciences). From 1995 he officiated as associate professor, from 2002 as full professor at the Department of Anatomy in Lithuanian University of Health Sciences.

D. H. Pauža is a regular member of the Lithuanian Society of Morphologists, American Association of Anatomists, International Brain Research Organisation, and German Society of Anatomists. His scientific interests and research areas are in cardiac and vascular biology, development neurobiology, neuroanatomy and autonomic neuroscience.

In 2008 D. H. Pauža became a member of Committee of Natural and Technical Sciences of the Research Council of Lithuania. In 2013 he was elected into position of chairman of the Council for five years tenure.